Artificial Intelligence: The Growing Influence in Our Lives

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AdminAdmin - 3 de March de 2020.

Never have I thought I would have an assistant. This assistant works for millions of Amazon customers. Her name is Alexa. 

This is only one example, but there are several examples of artificially intelligent products or services that help us. 

Andrew Yang is running a presidential campaign to ensure millions of people do not lose their jobs to robots. His campaign has encouraged many people to consider the influence of artificial intelligence on society

Will artificial intelligence become a part of every aspect of our lives? 

I went to Quora to ask the question and got some interesting responses.


The Public Opinion About Artificial Intelligence


One business director believes that our everyday life will not result in a full integration with artificial intelligence. 


Life will develop away from machines. Many people will dedicate their life maintaining and increasing diversity on this planet. AI is an influencer for social groups, but it will not be [the society’s influencer].

– Eberhard Frank, Business Director


One man believes it will become a part of many aspects of our lives, but he has a request that many people (including myself) would want too. 


There are some [roles] that [everyone] will disagree about AI’s involvement, but I hope that it is optional or we can turn it on or off.  

– Kristofer Walters 


One technology graduate says that AI has been part of every aspect of our lives since the latter half of the 20th century. 


The problem with AI is once the algorithm is in common use, everyone forgets [that] it originated in AI.

– Dani Richard, Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Science @ Georgia Institute of Technology


One managing director agrees that it is a part of every aspect of our lives. 


Every aspect of our financial, production, and distribution systems that [we] rely on for [everyday] business have [active] aspects of AI in it. By 2040, AI will drive all technology. 

– Ted Howard, Managing Director


One data scientist also agrees that it is part of everyone’s life, either directly or indirectly.


If you have a job, bank account, or computer, you are using AI. AI is used in banking, insurance, and medicine. We already live in a world where AI is a part of everyone’s life. 

– Jay Swartz, Data Scientist and AI Researcher


One doctor has a darker view about how artificial intelligence may change our lives. 


The last century brought us cars, which we had to drive. This century brings self-driving cars, which can drive us where we want. Next century might bring us dictating cars, which will drive us where they want.

– Dr. Lalit Patel, PhD in Physics and MBA


The Final Word


Do you think we can enter an era of dictating cars? What if the AI told you it will drive you to the hospital instead because it was the best decision for you? Surely, that would be a good thing if the doctor discovered that you had a devastating disease. 

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is a growing influence on our lives, but it is not a cause for concern. No one disagrees that artificial intelligence brought more convenience to our lifestyles. So, embrace it and look forward to its development to improve our quality of life.  



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