Easter 2022: 4 Tips and Opportunities to Sell More

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Yasmim RestumYasmim Restum - 14 de April de 2022.

Easter this year, 2022, may have a different flavor. Not only because of the upturn in retailing after the pandemic, the mass vaccination, and the end of the long period of social isolation, but also because of the turn that many businesses have taken in the direction of more strategic sales during commemorative dates.

Customized products, segmented communication, investment in novelties, omnichannel experiences, and online sales channels or messaging apps are some of the trends that we will bring here so that your business can take advantage of specific dates.

Easter is one of the best times for the chocolate industry, that's no news, but the date is not only made of goodies. This is a time that encourages not only face-to-face family gatherings, but also the sending of gifts over distance.

That's why it is crucial that retailers and the commerce of goods and services in general invest in products and experiences that blend in with the relaxation and lightness of this holiday - whether in hotels, tourism, in the sector of fish, wines, beverages in general, chocolates and sweets, gifts, toys and children's clothing, decoration, fitness, transportation, and others.

The consumer is more picky, and there are different ways to reach groups with very distinct consumption preferences. What cannot be missing in this process are data, technology, analytical capacity, and agility to make decisions that guarantee success in sales volume.

Check out some solutions to leverage your Easter sales.

4 Tips and Opportunities to Sell More at Easter 2022

1. Use data for more accuracy and assertiveness

Imagine knowing who your audience is, what their average income is, where they live, their main interests, how many people there are, whether they are more male or female. It is much easier to sell when you know your customer and his/her preferences.

Offering precisely the needs of a group of people guarantees sales and avoids the wear and tear and rework of customer service, marketing, and logistics teams. This precision and assertiveness can only be achieved with data. 

And not just any data or randomly purchased data, without refinement. It is data from your customers, prospects, your competition, and your company that will bring the most valuable insights. This kind of content can be obtained through products like Smart Wi-Fi in physical stores or big data & analytics platforms for physical and virtual stores.

2. Invest in online sales and omnichannel experience

Online sales are a great alternative to have more accurate data from your clients, besides increasing the visibility of your brand and the chance to sell in different and more distant places.

However, it is necessary that the physical and digital experiences are in sync so that customers are not disappointed or feel that they have been harmed by not buying through one medium or another. If you offer discounts on digital, offer gifts in the physical store, for example, or the same benefit in both.

If you are selling services or experiences, highlight the promotional packages and show how your brand can make this date even more special. Partnerships can help promote this differential that your public expects.

It is important to emphasize that, although the ideal is to have a whole structure, you don't need a super e-commerce channel to sell digitally. Being on social networks, having a catalog available on strategic platforms (thinking about where your consumer is), using location tags and contact hyperlinks, and open and monitored sales channels through messaging applications can already inaugurate your brand's digital presence.

3. Research trends to offer novelties

Having a keen sense of smell for market trends is essential to stand out against the competition. But it's no use betting on guesswork - it can be costly and a cut in your business's throat. For retailers, data are able to predict the biggest searches and buying trends for a given date.

Thus, it is easier to invest in a novelty without fear. If brands identify, among their customers and in their region of operation, a growing interest in health and wellness in this period, a brand of sweets and chocolates can guarantee more sales by manufacturing gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan products. A gym can earn more money by offering promotional plans in this period, for example by offering a free consultation with a nutritionist. 

For most traditional customers, offering personalized products as Next Best Action (those very clever recommendations that show an extra product to put in the cart) can be the solution for products stuck in stock or tie-in sales. In the physical store, heat maps and geolocation can help you understand your customer's path and strategically decorate and arrange products for tie-ins.

But beware: don't be restricted to product trends. Outdated or limited payment methods and inattentive or poorly personalized communications can destroy your customer journey. Look for secure payment solutions through biometrics or facial recognition, for example, with guaranteed authentication and trusted intermediaries.

4. Train your customer service and prepare your stock

An unprepared attendant or a failure of inventory logistics can damage much more than your Easter sales, but the reputation of your brand itself. A good customer service experience is key to get the client through the sales funnel frictionlessly and make him/her loyal to the brand - in addition to ensure ambassadors in word-of-mouth sales and receive organic feedback.

From physical customer service in a store or reception to digital customer service (which ranges from communication channels to employees who pack boxes for mail), train your attendants.

Those who deal with the public - or with the product that this public will receive - need to know how to answer questions, show exclusive buying opportunities, have the necessary care and agility to pack and update stock systems and, of course, have data to personalize their contact and make the customer experience perfect.

Inventory, for example, needs to be taken into account when thinking about costs, and you can rely on automation technologies and predictive models from big data platforms to increase accuracy and reduce human error.

Bonus tip!

5. Analyze the results

If everything goes as expected or goes absolutely wrong, look at it as an opportunity. Each specific campaign or sales cycle that is monitored or supported by strategic data, your brand has an incomparable chance to identify strengths, avoid future failures, and learn more about your client's profile.

The audience is no longer as constant as it used to be, and is much more demanding in their product and service preferences.  However, it is possible to anticipate trends and predict customer behavior easily when you have quality data and insights.

When you analyze the results, you can apply the knowledge gained in preparation for the next holiday season or even to immediately improvement of the customer experience and increase sales.

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