Rock in Rio: the potential of data intelligence in the entertainment industry

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Yasmim RestumYasmim Restum - 24 de June de 2022.

Imagine if it was possible to create a festival that is perfect for you. Your favorite musical idols, your most preferred restaurant, that amazing interactive attraction that everyone queues up to try and then post on their social networks, and even gifts from sponsors that match your style. Everything is so personalized that it is impossible not to remember it as one of the best experiences of your life.

This may be your dream. But Rock in Rio has been dreaming about this since its first edition in 1985. And they invited Zoox to turn this dream into reality in 2022 as the official data manager of the event.

It is not news that the segment suffered a hard stroke from Covid-19: among the most harmed activities are: cinema (-86%), live shows (-77%) and trade fairs (-74%), according to PwC's Global Entertainment and Media Survey.

But this sector will be one of the most boosted by the expected recovery of live shows. Even before Rock in Rio 2022, data already show how eager the public is to step on the City of Rock's lawns: 200,000 tickets were sold in record time in just 1h28.

But according to Rafael de Albuquerque, founder and CEO of Zoox, this audience now reappears not only open to all kinds of offers, but much more demanding, impacted by new consumption habits driven by the pandemic. And the entertainment industry, as a consequence, cannot remain the same - especially when it comes to transparency in the processes with data.

"Consumers don't trust organizations to use their data responsibly. Brands that provide transparency can earn customers' trust and engage with them in a more relevant and effective way."

According to a study by BCG in partnership with Google, companies that adopt a data culture in their customer relationship have revenue around 20% higher, and can reduce costs by around 30%.IMAGEM-EN-Artigo-de-Blog---Rock-in-Rio-como-otimizar-o-entretenimento-com-base-em-dadosNow, therefore, when it becomes necessary to dive deep into the vastness of data, predictions and analysis to identify new perspectives and insights to redefine strategies, brands also need to invest in privacy and data protection.

Zoox, for example, has a privacy governance program that ensures the protection of consumer data according to law guidelines not only to comply with legal aspects, but also to strengthen the relationship with customers.

The event's CEO, Luis Justo, told Meio & Mensagem magazine that generating new information insights is an accurate and assertive way to improve the experience of festival fans.

Once the event knows them better, it becomes simpler to map communication opportunities, advertisements, actions, and can even help - from sponsors to the organization - to see opportunities in Rock in Rio and also define the best bands and attractions to invest in.

"All actions will always have our fans as the north and improving their experience is about ensuring that interest in the festival increases every year. The entire Rock in Rio ecosystem benefits from this partnership as these insights generate more consistent experiences and increase brand value."

And because the data works in historical perspective, the results enable decision making focused on the long term. Once it becomes possible to anticipate trends, future editions of the event will benefit greatly from access to consumer preferences, interests, and audience experiences.

The technologies involved in innovation in the entertainment sector are driving the industry toward digital transformation and consolidation of the data-driven culture through the use of data-driven intelligence tools, predictive models, and Smart Wi-Fis.

"Handling different information has become a daily practice in the market, in different sectors, and synonymous with intelligence and premise for growth. Companies that base their business plans on data collection and analysis, following the precepts of the Law and the best information, security practices can have a better vision and understanding of their audience, based on the criteria they find most convenient for their business," endorses Rafael.

In the event, data will serve as a source for correcting flaws in an agile way, as well as to boost teams and initiatives that are performing better, and promote unique and personalized experiences that we talked about at the beginning of this article.

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This article was inspired by an article published in Meio & Mensagem magazine, in June 2022. 


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