Single Customer View: Why is it so important?

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Yasmim RestumYasmim Restum - 17 de December de 2021.

Understand how a 360° view of the customer through a CDP can help transform your business strategy and guide your company towards the best market decisions every time.

It is still very common for many companies to have a fragmented view of the customer. Notes scattered in different tools, tasks divided in a disjointed way, monthly reports with uncrossed information...

The examples are many.

But do professionals know why this happens and how it impacts business management? 

Usually, the cause is in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, which is not able to process many sources of information simultaneously, making it difficult to suggest the purchase of other products or services (Next Best Action), as well as a personalized service, for example, in a physical store.

That is why today we will show you how to make a single customer view strategy a reality in your company, as well as define concepts and main advantages.

Shall we?

What is 'single customer view'?

Do you know those organizer boxes? Or those physical files full of little folders with identification? Or even - to be more modern - an organized storage in the cloud?

When you have a single view of the customer, it is as if your company had a folder, a box for each person with whom you do business.

In this box there is not only a history of the relationship with that customer, but also data collected about him periodically - such as city where he lives, education, marital status, and whatever else other databases or even the customer himself provides.

This overview, this 360° view is usually achieved by a CDP (Customer Data Platform).

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And this tool collects and clusters your customers by capturing this data in real time. For example, when he/she enters your physical store and fills out a form or accesses your Smart Wifi and provides data such as email, ID, or answers a satisfaction survey.

In the digital environment, this collection can even be done when your customer logs into your site using a social network, or through interactions in chats, for example.

However, this immense amount of data usually arrives in a disorganized way at the CDP base. Therefore, it is important to rely not only on a powerful solution, but also on a team - outsourced or not - of professionals to clean, organize, and store the data of each client in two respective folders. 

This makes the day-to-day life of your Sales, Marketing and even Business Management and Innovation teams much easier because everyone can have simplified and direct access to the databases, without having to go after third parties.

So...what are the main advantages of a single customer view?

I guess you can see by now that it allows your company countless possibilities, right? Let's list them here for the sake of clarity.

By having a single view of the customer,

your company's executives can make more strategic decisions based on data and not "guesswork".

With this 360º vision strategy, your company decreases the risks of going down a bad path, because it will be able to anticipate customer needs and wishes, as well as market trends or even avoid communication crises.

When, for example, in a meeting, it is necessary to seek more information about a customer to make a decision, the required data - updated and organized - is quickly found in your base.

Or in stock management, everything is done in advance, helping your company to make more accurate orders to suppliers and reducing losses.

there is a unification in the objectives and vision within your company, because all areas can see where they should go together

Imagine if all your company's employees could search for all customer information in one place, and store new data there as well?

The communication between the areas is therefore unified. CDP reduces the time spent on checking and searching for information - turning your company into a data-driven organization once and for all, since everyone knows where to look for and store data. 

innovation, creation and marketing areas develop more successful products/services and personalize communication with different targets

When working with Marketing, Innovation, and Creative...timing is precious.

A personalized service, communication, or offer only makes sense within a specific time frame - be it through a push notification at the right time, a pop-up when passing near the physical store, a discount email when the customer has just abandoned the cart, among others.

And it's pretty annoying to receive a discount coupon for something you already bought yesterday at full price, isn't it?

With a single view of the customer, this no longer happens, and interaction and marketing efforts become more accurate and able to generate conversion - precisely because you now know how to communicate better at each stage of the customer journey.

Yes, your team will be able to know that your "Edward desktop" customer is the same person as "Ed mobile" and can synthesize this data.

Just like for prospects and potential new customers, you will be able to collect navigation and purchase data that will help classify them as "low value customer", "high value customer", main searches on the site - "interested in shorts" - among others.

your customer service becomes first class! - much more agile and accurate

Support and Customer Success areas are able to act faster and even anticipate problems when they notice an increase in volumes of specific complaints, for example.

But besides faster problem resolution, your team can be more proactive, since they receive navigation and customer contact updates in real time. 

That is, if the customer has filled out a service or contact form, or has browsed specific products, your CS agent can provide a special offer or a new solution without the customer needing to contact you again.

Want a single view of the customer? Invest in a CDP

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A Customer Data Platform is an excellent option for companies that have more than one communication and relationship channel: call center, social networks, websites, applications, among others.

You can map the entire consumer journey, their behavior and have the information centralized and available to perform assertive communications, targeted campaigns and offer higher value content. 

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