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The Cost of Facial Recognition For Your Business

Facial recognition

Nowadays, most people have a smartphone and more people are using basic security to protect their phone. If you are unlocking your smartphone, you took a step to secure your phone. Facial recognition is the next level of security, especially for businesses. However, the cost of facial recognition is in question.

With facial biometrics, the details of an individual’s face are vectorized and analyzed from algorithms that identify each individual. These algorithms enable the creation of a single facial biometric base for each individual to achieve high accuracy.

The facial recognition process proceeds in the following steps.

The first step is face detection. The system must identify the part of the image or video that represents the person’s face.

The second step is preprocessing. The specific algorithms vectorize strategic points of the image to create a single vector map of each individual with a 1,000+ points of identification.

Finally, there is resource extraction. The system extracts data from facial images to identify bits of more relevant data.


Facial Recognition for Safety and Accessibility


A technology company provides facial recognition to a bank. The bank can require customer to open accounts by registering with their own image. The image is checked with a database to ensure the correct identity.

So, if it detects a unusual purchase with your card, it sends a notification to your phone: “If you made this purchase, authenticate with a selfie.”

Similarly, this process happens in hotels. With facial recognition, taking a photo can enable guests to check-in early and make payments.


The Cost of Facial Recognition


Hotels are one of the main users of facial recognition technology.

Eduardo Daltro of Zoox Smart Data, explains that “the installation of this technology is very affordable, especially if we ponder the reduction of operating costs.

The license cost per unit/establishment is calculated by the amount of UHs (Unit Housing / Room). It starts at 99.00 / month plus a variable processed for check-in.”

The numbers may vary according to the hotel’s number of guests, but we invite you to discover our smart pass to bring facial recognition to your business.