Nodo amazes Ecuador by delivering fast connection throughout the country

Bernardo Robles and David RuízBernardo Robles and David Ruíz - 3 de December de 2021.


Providing internet is a huge challenge to a company like Nodo, in Ecuador, which believes that digital connection is a way of improving citizens quality of life. 

And honestly, since the beginning of the telecommunications company - when they were involved with initiatives and connectivity projects that aimed at inhabitants of rural areas and vulnerable sectors - their technological solutions always contributed to the reduction of the digital divide in the country.

However, even though they also provided corporate connectivity with broadband internet to urban areas, Nodo decided to take an even bigger challenge: bring internet to the different parks throughout the country.

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Definitely, the goal was defiant and a huge step granted by Ecuador National Telecommunications Corporation (CNT) to Nodo.

One of the priorities was to guarantee a good hotspot system - the same one that allows easy management of browsing times, statistics monitoring of different marketing strategies such as: images, videos, surveys, data collection, among others.

And the other priority, above all, was that it should be a robust and easy-to-scale system as the network is susceptible to constant expansion as they reach new areas and the population grows. 

So, if you faced a growth chance this big, you’d have to be responsible to know which partners would hold on not only to the challenge, but also to the importance of the quality of the service, right? 

And that was when Nodo found Zoox.

The integration wasn’t easy - since the end customer required the development of extra functionalities and interfaces. But all was carried out thanks to joint work and the determination of Zoox global team who always pursues the fulfillment of all expectations.

As required and delivered by Zoox, Nodo wanted the connection in an AP delivered to the end user and for it to remain active during an assigned session time. And even if the client changed AP, it should continue to be connected, in order to guarantee a delivery of the running time of the connection offered to the final user.


In total, we delivered 3 captive portal solutions, such as ‘Touch and Go’, ‘Registration’ and ‘Registration and Guest’. All of the 3 portals were presented with personalized interfaces depending on the final user’s requirement. 

The flexibility of the solution has helped us to gain the trust of Nodo and the end user, once Zoox deals with various and extensive models when thinking of an interface for a hotspot - each of these oriented to different purposes and functionalities.

Until now, the platform is still being implemented and constantly upgraded by the 24/7 Zoox staff, as we receive feedback from Nodo and also continuously develop ways to enhance both the end user and manager experience.

Currently, Zoox and Nodo have deployed its Smart Wifi solution in 20 neighbourhoods, with a total of 650 access points implemented in approximately 2 years. The forecast is to have a total of 2.000 in 2022.

Every time we continue to increase the supply of new equipment with the confidence that Zoox has the technological capacity to support the demand.

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