Guest Experience: How Smart Technologies Win Customer Loyalty

Yasmim RestumYasmim Restum - 22 de July de 2022.

The hospitality industry is getting to grips with more than the basics when it comes to hotel technology. But guests are not ashamed or restricted when it comes to demanding more.

The truth is, while trends have shifted and technologies have advanced, one basic principle has not changed: getting to know your guest better is and always has been at the heart of an exceptional hospitality customer experience.

In order to achieve this goal, data can be a great ally for hotels that want to stand out over the competition.

In this article, we will understand how the pandemic changed this scenario, the importance of technology as an ally of the hotel business, and some trends that cannot be left behind.

The Post-Pandemic: Why has technology become essential for a flawless hotel experience?

The guest experience is the cumulative effect of every interaction they have. In the case of a hotel, guests are involved from the stage of searching for a location, all the way through the moment of booking, to check-out, and even after they leave, it is possible to maintain that close and pleasant relationship until the next - and expected - booking.

The events of the last two years, especially the Covid-19 pandemic, have accelerated technology trends for the hospitality industry that were expected in a few years, and brought out others that were not even foreseen.

Today, a hotel's customer experience strategy must focus on providing high-end service and care with minimal contact - or should I say, a few clicks?

IMG-ENG--Artigo-de-Blog---Digitalized guest experiences how wifi has revolutionized the hospitality industry.This instantaneity seen in other industries such as retail during the pandemic has also changed the expectations of hospitality customers. And it is in the union between the strengths of technology and high-end hospitality that the quality and authenticity of hospitality resides.

Here we can highlight some of the most striking behavioral changes concerning the hospitality customer.

  • Guests are more security-conscious and have more hygiene demands in the post-covid world 
  • "Staycation" is a reality: travelers often prefer to get to know their own country and the surroundings of their homes due to rising overhead costs. This expands the search for many different types of lodging, from rustic to luxurious. 
  • People are more likely to take last-minute trips to take advantage of short-term opportunities for well-being and the possibilities of hybrid or remote work
  • Guests want more than quality Wi-Fi: they are looking for technology in services throughout their stay - from personalized booking and instant messaging channels to spontaneous offers before, during, and after their stay.
  • Guests are preferring to eat out: Nearly half (47%) of global respondents say they plan to eat in person at restaurants more often, and only 1/4 of guests (27%) say they plan to order more take-out or delivery meals. This could be quite an opportunity to partner with restaurants and establishments near your hotel. 

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Insights to boost the guest journey

At time of booking

With data intelligence, you can learn why your guests are traveling, make targeted promotional offers as they decide between your property and your competitors, and even promote new features during their stay based on their preferences.

According to Deloitte, this personalization of the experience can have an average impact of 23% on customer satisfaction.

At Check-in

Let the staff and the front desk serve to support guests in what they really need. Apply check-in technologies such as self-service totems and mobile check-in, as well as online payments, to make lines disappear and cut down on paperwork - as does Zoox Pass & Pay, for example.

It is very important to allow easy and digital contact with all areas of the hotel, from a web app that exchanges messages directly with the front desk to the remote scheduling of services and amenities requests - as does Guest Control, by Zoox, for example.

 When hotels provide attention through more channels, guests are 29% more likely to share positive reviews, according to Deloitte.

In the stay

Having a 360º view of guests through social networks and other data lakes allows the hotel to create a history of preferences and deliver an even more personalized experience - using Zoox Eye, for example.

Recommending personalized offers and discounted activities aligned with the guest's profile are quite a differentiator. Guests of luxury establishments value personalization up to 33% more than those who frequent other hotels. 

And millennial guests (born between 1981 and 1995) are 71% more likely to want experiences that "surprise and delight" them than guests of other generations.

Also, when a guest needs help, being able to turn around a negative scenario in a few hours is critical to your hotel being remembered as "excellent" or " awful." About 40% of guests are more likely to share positive reviews when a problem is solved quickly.

In the case of poor internet signal quality, there are already monitoring technologies - such as Zoox Wi-Fi Analytics - that can fix the smallest connection problems before they reach a critical state.

If you have trouble mirroring content in your hotel room, you can facilitate this process with quality and security through a simple QR Code with Zoox Mirror. Check out one of the Zoox Smart Wi-Fi dashboards below.


At Check-Out

Use robust analytics-based predictive models to infer what guests want and trade it for their loyalty. When guests are satisfied with how their loyalty is recognized and rewarded, they are 13% more likely to stay at the same hotel again.

A streamlined payment and check-out experience is also recognized. Rely on web totems and web apps to check account statements and make payments securely and conveniently - using Zoox Pass & Pay, for example.

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